Into the Wild and Into the World

We got home last night after an evening out with the kids, got them settled in bed, and checked blogs before we sat down to watch a movie.  This was possibly a bit of a mistake as we found out in the quick blog-reading that our friends Eric and Michelle were in labour with their first child.  Needless to say, my viewing of  Into the Wild was a bit preoccupied with thoughts about our friends.  At one point Marc had to say, “Just stop thinking about them!!”  My only consolation was that Luke got out of bed 3 times during the movie, at which point I could get up and check Linea‘s blog to see if there were any updates.

When we checked once more after the movie, we got the update:  baby girl, Kimia Valerie Violet, 6lb 9oz, had arrived at 8pm born via c-section, because of a face presentation.  Being me, I dreamt last night that Eric and Michelle were arguing about which middle name should go first “Valerie” or “Violet”, but Eric won out because he’d already filled in the official forms.  🙂  And when I woke up this morning I was pleasantly surprised to see pictures of little Kimia (whose name means “peace” in Lingala — Eric spent a good chunk of his growing up years in the Congo; his parents who were medical missionaries there).  So, congratulations are in order to the newest arrival into the world.  Marc and I raised our water glasses during the movie to the baby on the way.  But now real celebrations are in order!

(Oh, and Into the Wild was fantastic.  Lots to think about there.)

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