"You came, just at the right time."

Today was the day Marc was supposed to take a small (as in a few hundred dollars) advance at work.  We only get paid at the end of the month at the office, but we’ve never had to take an advance before.  But it seems as though we’ve had a lot more expenses these past few months, and the fact that I’m now working (albeit, part time) hasn’t helped us get as far ahead as we’d have liked.  We’ve had the deck to build and over $1,600 in car/house insurance/licensing to pay for in the past two months and everything else you need for a family of four.  And this month we also got caught up on our giving and sent a few sizeable cheques away to various organizations.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we were still going to pay off everything on pay day.  I just got worried that maybe there wouldn’t be too much left in our account by July 29th after all of our mortgage payments and bills came out.  So, as a precaution we were going to take a bit of money in advance.

But, we don’t need to!  This morning I opened the mail and low and behold was the SaskEnergy cheque for our EnerGuide program.  And this was only the province’s share!  In 6 weeks or less we should be getting another cheque for the same amount.  In the end we’ll be getting almost $1,500 through the program!  Too bad the Conservatives pretty much cut the program as soon as they got into office!

It’s funny how God takes care of us.  I’ve always noticed that things start to turn around when we’re generous with our finances.  In fact, the cheque today almost covered that extra charity this month.  I guess you gotta give to get.  Or, the Lord loves a cheerful giver.  Or somethin’ like that.

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  1. Linea says:

    I like that story – cause it is true and it is good to hear that God does this stuff.

  2. Christy says:

    God has taken care of us in wild ways in this area…no huge windfalls, but small blessings.

    We’re in a crazy place financially right now that I need to trust him for, and so reading this was a very good thing for me. Thanks.

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