Getting Red-dy

For the past two weeks I’ve had these reoccurring dreams that it’s Halloween and I’ve completely forgotten about it.  Trick or treaters showing up at the door and I have no candy.  The kids wanting to go out and there are no costumes.  Strange.  Especially since I don’t care that much about Halloween.

My only concern for this year is that I find a costume for Olivia that is red.  Something red.  Preferably not store-bought.  But something not too difficult to make.  Why red?  Because the other kids’ costumes are red.  Why red, you ask again?  Because I am their mother, and I’d like them to match a bit.  I want a theme.  There’ve been themes to all of the past Halloween‘s.  Not that Cat in the Hat and a skeleton are themed, but the colours matched.  So I guess that’s what I’m going for again.

I’d finally decided to buy some feathers and felt at the Dollar Store and make a rooster costume for Olivia.  Not that I know how to do that, or sew, or even wield a glue gun in that manner, but I figure, if I can make a towel into a sling and a uterus, I can make a rooster costume for a baby.  But I don’t have to!  I was talking to my mom this morning, telling her of my plans and she informed me that she still had my Little Red Riding Hood costume that she made for me when I was little.

So, I’m good to go.  Mom dropped the costume off.  I found the other kids’ costumes, purchased at the Mom’s Morning Out sale this past September, worn by the kids around the house, and then shoved in the playpen at the top of the stairs that holds just a big mess of crap that I need to sort out.  So, all of the costumes are accounted for.  And I just need to buy some candy.  And not eat the candy.  I’ve been digging into the box of Aero, Kit Kat, Coffee Crisp, and Smarties, because, well, I’m sick and I need to keep up my energy.

And, why, oh why, isn’t Luke sleeping yet?  I came down here to write this while the kids were getting settled and all I hear is banging up there.  Guess I’ll be forced to eat some more candy and watch The Office until I know for sure my sleep will be uninterrupted.

Pictures to come on Friday.

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2 Responses to Getting Red-dy

  1. Linea says:

    Yeah, Halloween candy. I buy the chocolate bars for me and the other junk stuff for the trick or treaters. Oh, dear, did I just admit that?

  2. Cheyne says:

    At least your bad dream makes sense – for the past week I keep having a nightmare that I can’t find my make up – strange huh? I do have memories of years when I forgot to buy candy for Halloween and had to sit in the dark with all the lights off so that the kids in the street would not know I was home – and then there was the one time I ate it all myself, and had to do the same – but I was only nineteen then, so it was understandable. At present I’m trying to turn my college graduation gown into a vampire cloak to go with my son’s fangs and bowtie – a last resort for a costume for this year – I’m so disorganized.

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