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Okay, when I get a few minutes, I’m going to do a concise version of who I am on my About page.  It occurred to me yesterday that “about me” doesn’t necessarily mean give your life story, talk about your first period, etc.  I also like those “100 Things About Me”;  maybe I’ll try to do that too.  So, I’ll get on that this weekend maybe.

In the meantime, there are some questions to be answered from my first About Me post.

1) First, thanks to my brother for asking a question he already knows the answer to: “ever had stitches?”

STITCHES.  Oh, I hate stitches.  I have a phobia about seeing stitches.

My only episode with stitches happened when I was 10 years old.  My best friend and I set up foam mattresses and blankets on the stairs and were jumping into them.  At one point I thought my friend had jumped from the third to the top stair.  So, being the brat that I was, I had to jump from as high as she had, which resulted in me slamming my head into the part of the ceiling that jutted down from the floor above.  There was blood everywhere and I screamed “Daddy!” and he sped off to the emergency room, and five stitches later I discovered that my friend hadn’t actually jumped from that stair.

Now, technically, I have had other stitches.  Had a bit after Luke was born.  And, of course, had a lot of stitches after Madeline — when they send you to the O.R. after giving birth vaginally, that’s a pretty good sign you’re going to have a lot of stitches.  But, maybe just how horrifying that particular “stitches experience” was and all of the details therein may best be left to the imagination.  No.  Don’t even try to imagine it.  Just stop thinking about it.  I know I’ve blocked it out of my mind.

2) Jyl asked about my favourite non-musical sound.

And my initial response was, there is no such thing as a non-musical sound.  But I think my favourite sounds are Luke peeing, Olivia saying “mmmm-aaaah!” as she gives kisses, Madeline playing that rock beat on the drums (because obviously drums are not musical), and… what else?  I really like Marc’s laugh — from his normal laugh to his red-in-the-face, on-the-verge-of-a-heart-attack, wheezy laugh.  And, lastly, probably the sound of me doing our income tax return every year.

3) Then Don asked about being a pastor’s wife, which I answered in this post the other day.

4) Rayna asked about what kind of work I’d like to do once the kids are older.

I’d have to sit and think a long time about that one.  I finally and firmly decided a couple months ago that I did not want to take over my dad’s law practice.  And I’m glad I made that decision at that time, right before Marc decided he was going to pursue the pastor-thing.  And I guess that decision of Marc’s is going to affect what I do, at least in some ways.  I’m really excited about doing stuff at whatever churches we end up at.  I’d love to lead a choir and do admin stuff.  And I can see myself teaching drums and other music lessons — since it’s the kind of job I can take with me wherever I go.  Beyond that, I have no idea.  I’m not interested in making money.  I really just want to do something that will help people.  So… I don’t know… I could see myself going back to school and getting a Masters in something (there’s one at North Park called “Master of Management in Non-Profit Administration”, which sounds pretty cool), or being a secretary or doing the books somewhere.  No idea.  I’ve got a few more years of little children and probably a lot of life changes to go before I have to make that decision.

5) Then Jyl tried again by asking what my guiltiest pleasure is.

And I’d have to say my guiltiest pleasure is laying in bed until about 5 minutes before Madeline leaves for school every morning.   I get up just in time to make her lunch and brush her hair and kiss her before she goes out the door.  Marc throws bowls of cheerios at the kids before he has his shower, and Madeline and Luke dress themselves, which is why I can be dead to the world and they still make it out the door almost on time every day.  And it’s a guilty pleasure because I feel like I’m not being a good mother when I’m sleeping in like that, but I still do it.  But, in the end, I’m probably a better mother by getting that little bit more rest.

6) And finally Ang asked a bunch of questions about my childhood:

– best memory of being a kid: eating Chef Boyardee at end of the couch in the living room & watching The Flintstone’s every noon hour of my childhood
– worst memory of being a kid: my oldest brother’s continuous threats to “kick me in the head” (at least he never actually did, otherwise that would be my “worst memory of being a kid” — course if he’d kicked me hard enough, I wouldn’t remember it…)
–  one childhood experience I want my kids to experience: getting up in the middle of the night to leave on vacation
– one “must do” on my “to-do list”: lose 10 pounds, or at least a lot of inches off my thighs, stomach, and upper arms… seriously.  I mean it this time.  I’m going to start exercising.

I have a feeling, Ang wanted a lot more “meaningful” answers than that, but… that’s what I came up with today.  If you saw my kitchen, you’d appreciate that I’m going to blog less and clean more today!

That’s all about me for today.

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3 Responses to More About Me

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  2. Tammy says:

    Our kids will always remember how we up and started our vacation the night before we had planned to leave. It was a fun, crazy thing to do. Of course we ended up camping on what I think was a patch of grass at a campground around midnight, but it was a great start to an adventure. I didn’t know it would be on someone’s wish list. Interesting.

  3. Dean says:

    I really have EXTREMELY vague memories of offering my foot to your cranium, but I am terribly sorry it ranks as high on your ‘worst memory’ list as it does. I imagine my intention was solely to keep you quiet, or just goad some sort of reaction from you.

    Anyways, good times. So to speak.

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