At the Start

Today is Marc‘s first day of working at our church.  I guess I haven’t really formally talked about Marc’s new direction on here, so here it is.  Marc is looking into going into ministry, into becoming a pastor.  In our denomination you need a Masters of Divinity to be a pastor, so he has started that process.  The plan is to take it all by distance learning or through modulars at Briercrest, which is where he grew up and took two years of Bible College right after high school.  So, that is very cool.  I’m a little jealous of him going back to school, or maybe it’s because the class he’s taking right now is on the Patristic Fathers, and I took a lot of that in my history and philosophy classes in university.

The other step in this direction is him working at the church.  Since Randall and Lauralea have now moved and our church is looking for a new pastor, and since Marc is beginning to wonder if ministry is the direction he should be moving in, the church has asked/offered Marc the position of office/administrator/part-time preacher until we find a new pastor, or until Marc fails miserably at the position.  🙂  So that’s where he is today, starting his first day at the church.

I dropped him off a coffee this morning after I got groceries with Olivia, and something about seeing him there, studying at the desk, I don’t know, it just seemed “right”.  Like this is the right job for him.  That he will function well with the pace of this job.  It will definitely be an adjustment for him, because working at the law office (where he will still work 3 days a week) is all about efficiency and getting things done as quickly as possible and deadlines and stress and constant busyness.  And I know that there is that in the ministry.  But, still, the fact that part of Marc’s job is to sit and think and pray and read and connect with people.  That is just very cool.  It’s like his hobby has become his job.  His passion has become his job.  And I can see him doing so well at it and growing a lot through it.

So, this post has been in answer to Don‘s question from my About Me post.  (And, please, throw some more questions at me, or have I been so grossly open on the blog that nobody wants to know anything more…?)  I am very excited about possibly being a pastor’s wife.  I’ve done so much growing and changing over the past year that I feel like I may actually be capable of being a pastor’s wife, without being scared out of my wits.  To me it feels like everything Marc and I have done in our lives (Marc’s 7.5 years of mish-mashed post-secondary eduction and our interests and talents) has been leading us to this point.  And it is really cool to see it coming together in this way.  Now, of course, there are good and bad things with any vocational choice, and I know this is not an easy decision we’re making, but it feels right.  And I’m just excited to see where we will end up, even if it is moving every handful of years.  I’m willing to handle whatever the road ahead holds for us, and right now I’m just so excited to see Marc starting this.

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  1. Simon says:

    Two things:

    1. My gut tells me that Marc will be (already is?) a great pastor type of guy. The main reason I say that is because he has the self-doubt bit down pat. And I really don’t mean that in a bad way. I mean, how can you possibly proselytize on something as ephemeral as god and scripture and “being good” with any degree of confidence regarding THIS IS HOW IT IS! ?? You can’t. When Marc starts preaching in such a way that he *knows* he has the right answers? THEN he’ll be a crappy pastor.

    2. Also, if you’re looking forward to the potential of being a pastor’s wife, will that make your semi-weekly “OH GOD!” exclamations that much more poignant?

    I’d apologize for the baseness of that last statement, but I think we both know I wouldn’t really be sorry.

  2. Dear Dixie and Marc,
    I have no idea how I stumbled upon your blog, but I have kept checking back because of your transparency and honestly with your struggles. You answer was so heart warming, and I felt so proud of your pastor for being the kind of mentor you needed over the last three years, and Simon is right, we don’t need more blathering blowhard know it alls, we need people who have a heart and a head connected to the past and living in the present. I entered seminary right from college and its a long hard road to that master’s degree, but I am excited you are together in this dream.

    BTW my best buddy is a drummer and my grandson took to it like a natural when he sat down at the set.


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