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So, at the top of the screen ever since I put up this particular blog template, there’s been “Home” and “About”.  Today, I finally put something on the “About” page.  Not sure if there’s anything new in there.  But it may just lay some things out about me that haven’t been all in one place before.  I don’t know.  I don’t know what I should write or how to describe me.  So, I was thinking I might let you guys ask some questions.  You know, if there’s stuff you’ve always wondered about me but I haven’t written about on here… although I think I’ve written more than enough on this space over the past few years.  But I’m sure there’s some odd and fun facts that I could answer for you.  So… leave some questions in the comments and we’ll have some fun.  Even if you’ve never commented before, feel free to ask away!

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  1. Dean says:

    Ever had stitches? If so ,how’d ya get ’em?

  2. Jyl says:

    Since you are passionate about music, what are your five favourite non-musical sounds?

  3. How do you feel about possibly being a minister’s wife and possibly moving from place to place every five to ten years.

  4. Dean says:

    “Since you are passionate about music, what are your five favourite non-musical sounds?”

    If Dixie were MY sister, she’d say “they’re ALL musical”.

  5. Dixie says:

    Aaah, Dean’s got it. I was laying on the couch 20 minutes ago thinking, “Aren’t ALL sounds musical?!”


    That’s so funny!


    I’ll let a few more questions roll in and then do my answers.

  6. Rayna says:

    Don’t know if you have said this somewhere else in your blog, but what would you like to do for work when your kids are little older? You’d mentioned being a doula or something with labor and delivery at one point. Have you thought anymore about that? OK, that’s two questions.

  7. Jyl says:

    I’ve been trying to think of sounds that you wouldn’t think are musical (but I guess none of them would fall into your favourites category either though). How about these:

    1) a human scream of terror
    2) the sound that jack rabbit made when we ran over him with the van (gross, I know…but it was a sound)
    3) a dump truck at 7:15 in the morning

    That’s all I can think of for now.

    But here’s another question for you:

    What’s Dixie’s guiltiest pleasure??

  8. Ang says:

    I am intrigued by Dean’s question or rather the answer to it.

    What is your best memory of being a kid? What is your worst memory about being a kid? What is one thing you experienced as a child you want to make sure your kids do too? What is one thing on your “to-do list” you want to make sure you get to do or get to go to?

    Maybe I should stop with the questions for now…

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